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As soon as you shall face the island of Syros it is indisputable that the non-identical nobility that this island bears shall impress you at once.

The traditional profile and the insular mentality in combination with the historical monuments and the natural sites, all under the veil of this unique nobleness, render Syros the ideal choice for your vacations.

The island of Syros belongs to the Cyclades Islands cluster, while Ermoupolis, the islands' capital town, is also the capital town of the whole insular group.

Lying in the heart of the Aegean Sea, Syros covers an area of 84 m2 and has approximately 20.000 inhabitants.

Ermoupolis, the capital and port of Syros, is built amphitheatrically on two hills and it is full of neoclassical buildings, mansions and white washed houses, while the dominating town hall and the church of Anastassi dominate in dignity.

Furthermore, the cultural center, the municipal theater, the monuments, the churches and the quarters, are interesting sightseeing.

Wandering around Syros you will come across various settlements, such as the much-frequented tourist resort of Azolimnos, the famed and verdant region of Galissas as well as the beautiful coastal village of Possidonia (or Delagratsia), not to mention Finikas, Kini, Megas Gialos, Vari, Ano Syros and numerous other settlements that are gifted with amazing beaches, verdurous sites and traditional aspects, all under the hospitable insular mentality.

The "duchess" of the Cyclades is waiting to offer you the holidays that you shall never forget.

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