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Folegandros is the southest of western Cyclades. Lies in Aegean Sea, next to Milos and Sikinos. Its history gets lost along the centuries and Folegandros followed during different eras the fate of the rest cycladic islands.

It's name was given after Folegandros, Minos son. Ancients used to call it "Sidira" (irony) due to its hard ground.

Walking from Karavostasi, the harbour, to Hora, Folegandros unfolds its charm.

Hora, the capital of the island, is a small jewel of Aegean Sea, tied up with beautiful churches, wide paved paths, white houses and friendly people. From Hora to Pano Meria the landscape is naked and joined by lonely windmills.


The Medieval Castle was built during the occupation of the island from the Enetians of Marco Sanoudo. It stands at the edge of the rock, being a balcony over the Aegean.

Hrysospylia (Golden Cave) is located at the northeastern side of Folegandros and the access is possible from both inland and sea.

After the big entrance hall you will follow a long corridor.

The interior of the cave may remind you the interior of a Holy Temple.

The Church of Panayia, which used to be a Catholic Abbey, is the emblem of the island. The Temple was built in the place that, as it comes out from ancient signs, Selasforos Artemis and Prostatirios Apollo Temple was.

The Churches of Ayios Nicolaos, of Ayios Taxiarhis (with Cretan Icons) and the double named one of Ayia Ekaterini and Ayios Antonios.


Easter is celebrated with local customs. The Icon of Virgin Mary is carried from Hora to Ano Meria, then to Karavostasi and with a boat round to Ormos. The Icon is carried until Easter's Tuesday.

On 15 August is organised a feast with violins and local instruments at the village's centre square. Celebration lasts to the next morning.

Map of Folegandros

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