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Mykonos has become famous as an international tourist resort, mainly due to it's cosmopolitan mold, but even the most unsuspecting visitors quickly discover that, at the same time, it is a excuisite, picturesque island in blue Aegean sea, that fascinates with its style, verve, golden beaches, representative insular environment, friendly and smiley citizens and its inalterable connection with History.

Thus, the visitor can enjoy a singular habitat, lacey seashores, impressive stone topology, old cottages and countless country churches at the hinterland, lordly weather clocks and small pigeonholes everywhere in Mykonos. All these joint to the transparent and the estival tone, the colors, the earthen, grizzle, the white and all the cyan shades give reasons for the fact that Mykonos from its early era was the standby, not only for artists-painters and photographers mainly- but and for every genre of celebrities generally.

Among the beauties of the area perceives the "Choulakia" beach with big shingles, granitic formations with farfetched frames on the south, the captivating forelands appearing among friendly creeks, the hilly strands at the north terrain of this island, the sanguine rock in Tragonisi for the sharp view in Aleomantra.

The rocky mold of Mykonos had singularly infixed to the ancient Greeks that affiliated it with the mythos of the tug between Hercules and the Giants.

This island attractiveness combined to the warm tempered lodgers conduced to the success of Mykonos to one of the most cosmopolitan resorts in Mediterranean.

It has a population of 6500 stationary dwellers while it accedes super hundredfold number of visitors at the summer days.

The attendance of the French Archaeological Society and the transaction of the excavations root out invaluable troves. Personalities of all the sections in human movements, intellectuals and civils, gentle artists, jet-setters, fashion designers, grandees of richness, top models, crowned, famous photographers, archaeologists and more visit fro rime to time Mykonos giving their spot in the island with their sympathy.

If somebody visits Mykonos at the summer period and tempts to speak and to make company with the denizens he will make note that they remain snap, jazzy and hospitable retaining unadulterated their traditions, mores and ways.

Mykonos is of great historical important, something that is glaring from the number of showplaces and sights you will meet. The most important are.

Draphaki, Vrisi, Glastros and Platis Gialos, interesting small monuments dotted on villatic regions.

Mikri Venetia (Small Venetia) between Katsro and Scarpa, this picturesque neighborhood with its multicolored verandas and the wooden "boudia".

The significant architectural group of the Church of Paraportiani.

The Kato Miloi Unit. (Lower side Windmill Unit)

The Panagias Tourlianis cloister, established in 1542 at the ground was the old Eisodia tis Panagias church.

The Demotic Library with its 10.000 book tomes.

But the most important touristic truth that gives Mykonos its singularity among all the Aegean islands is its beaches.

Here you will, unequivocally, find the more and superior beaches one will quest on such a small island. Especially at the north, scenic voes with marvelous sandbanks succeed one other.

Beginning from Chora of Mykonos and heading for the north you will find the most popular beaches in that row:

Megali Ammos, the nearest to Chora remarkable coast of the island.

Ornos, a leeward beach south of Corfos.

Psarou, a beautiful, cosmic and streamlined strand with water sports, diving school and more.

Platis Gialos appointing maybe the much-frequented sandy beach of Mykonos.

Paranga, a small, picturesque shore with fantastic scene and abreast you will find Agias Annas beach.

Paradise, a fancy and preferable sand, famous since the Hippy times with big camping and water sports.

Super Paradise at Plindri. The most famous beach of the island, perfect for frenetic parties.

Agrari, an other marvelous beach , lonely and indicated  for all those who quest peacefulness.

Korfos, ideal for wind surfing

And Agios Ioannis, with unary view to Dilos island.

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