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Approachable by a small boat from Myrina ar by ferry-boat from Rafina and kavala, Agios Efstratios Island (Ai Stratis for the natives is a small, volcanic island.

Its present name is reffered to St. (Agios) Eustratios who seek refuge at a cave –that took its name- in the island chased by Leon the Isavros the 3rd. The walled inscriptive tomb stone at the Saint's temple consists of a clear evidence of his entombment, although his head is kept in the Megistis Lavras abbey in Agion Oros.

During the historical period the island has been presented with names like Chrisi and Iera while Pausanias names it as Nea as it was believed as the island that floated to the surfice when Chrisi Nisos was sunk.

Today it counts 371 citizens who deal with fishery, stock-raising and agriculture with 28 families and the same number of fishing ships that glean lobsters, red mullets, alevins, swordfishes, sepias and many other that continually are exported to Limnos, Kavala, Salonika, Athens, Chalkida and Korinthos.

The biggest part of the island is rocky and mountainous with its 1/3 cultivable. The visitor will meet spread small woody terrains full of sycamores and all over the island and the offshore areas small, scenic voes extended from the port to Tripiti cape. The biggest low land is in Alonitsi and in the past was an widespread vineyard. A smaller low land is also at the fringe of the today homonymous settlement with its topmost crest "Simadi" of 298 m. height, the most beautiful place of the island and the broader Lesvos district. When the atmosphere is clean the visitor has the rare opportunity to admire the Aegean natural treasures like the islands, the islets and the skerries, even the "3 foots" of Chalcidice.

Agios Eustratios is famous at the modern years because during the 1928-1963 period it was an exile area. From 1936 until 1948 more than 4000 political exiles where kept there. Among the survivals many spiritual men like Kostas Varnalis, Giannis Ritsos, Mikis Theodorakis, Nikos Karouzos and Manos Katrakis who accomplished to stage theatrical acts like "Persians" of Aeschylus at the hard days of 1951.

Once an exile area, today an ideal place for peaceful holidays, Agios Eustratios Island is the ground where few cars circulate and all the transportations are done by foot. The visitor may easily approach picturesque sandy beaches with limpid waters, can live beautiful moments like rows in the green-blue sea with the company of dolphins playing with the wave and seals hidden in rocks and grottos at the southwards of the island, sea-gulls in the sky and sycamores that reach the sea. He will also by satisfied by the explicit hospitality of the islanders, the fresh fish and the high quality laitiers of one of the most scenic islands and last earthly paradises in the north Aegean Sea while worth mentioned is its affiliation in the "Natura 2000" environmental net as a "Place of Public Significance".

The sights of Agios Eustratios include the tracks of the historical and the post-Temblor period with most important the ones in Agios Alexios, in Alonitsi where you can see the relics of the prehistoric settlement of the Early Copper Age and at the Agios Minas Hillwhere the archaeological pickax has brought to the light the relics of the Ancient City and at the Evrahiki area the remains of the ancient Necropolis. Of much interest is also the Temple of the Five Martyrs of 1693 where you can see marvelous wall-paintings and a unique piece of post-Byzantine architecture, the Temple of Agios Vasileios of 1727, of the cupola-cathedral rhythm.

The wonderful beaches of Agios Eustratios are approachable by boat or by foot. The most beautiful are in the villages of Agios Antonios, Agios Dimitrios, Trygari, Lidario, Ftylio, Agios Nikolaos, and Tripiti while northern you can find the limpid beaches of Panagia tis Maroulias, Kalami and Alonitsi with the spread sand of the 2km length and at the opposite the sunlit islet of Velia.

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