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Thasos is the northern Aegean island and counts 13.000 citizens. It is a beautiful island with the tall mountain of Ypsario at its middle and all around lacy coasts with snow-white sand and pine trees that actually hang over the sea. The beauty of the scene is completed by rocks from white marble and a very good asphalt road surrounding and crossing the island whose branches lead into its internal and end at picturesque villages.

The climate of Thasos Island is mild and healthy. The summer is cool, the winter temperate and all the seasons are beautiful with the best time when at the end of spring and the beginning of summer the temperatures vibrates at the imaginary levels and the scene is pictured with thousands of colors. In that time, delightful winds come from the mountain and the sea, while at the winter the mountain whitens by the snow and creates a fairy scene of trees and winter flowers.

Thasos is the most fertile island in the Aegean Sea. It produces cereals, legumes, fruits, honey and wine while at the coastlands the olives are cultivated. The wine of Thaos was famous since the ancient times and is until today one of the best in Greece. The island also disposes rich supplies of mines such as copper, silver, spelter and iron while its marbles are famous since the ancient times and until today it remains appropriate for the construction of statues and glorious palaces. This marble was also used for the erection of Agia Sofia in Istanbul.

The beauty of the island is natural. The people are hospitable, simple and good-natured and shine by their respect to the traditions and the customs, also for their religiousness that is related to memories of passed times. The Letters and the Arts lead to a creative mixing between the habits and the way of life of the citizens with the temporal invaders of the island.The architecture presented lean constructions made of wood and stone while generally in Thasos each has the opportunity to meet a civilization different by any other in the Aegean as the customs and the mores were shaped by the time. During the New Year's Day except fro the known customs of the "carols" and the "first foot" there is the one of "spordisma", during the Carnival Fiesta there is the "rubbing pepper" and during the second day of the Easter there is the celebration of "Snow my April", all of them unique punctilios made out of the depths of the Aegean folklore.

The folk weaving is at its majority homebred, though it has to been considered as an art. It is still been done the same way like centuries ago while its pieces are dated by 18th century with the beauty of their shapes with the brilliant patterns that joined to their unique quality charm the locals and the tourists. Another beautiful activity of the citizens is pottery. Its today production covers the market needs and combines types of the north Greek and the Cycladic art.

The wealthy olive groves and apiaries of the island keep busy many of the people of Thasos. The island is verdant of olive trees that spread on the silver-green carpet of the hills near the sea. The unique quality of the Thasos' olives and oil has become famous all over Greece and abroad as well as the honey and the red wine.

Thasos Island has also an important artistic and cultural history. At the ancient times Polygnotus was the Top of the Artists as a painter, the same as Aglaophone, Arhistophone all of them his family members. Sosicles and Pythagoras were famous sculptors and at the modern times Polygnotos Vagis who has been accentuated as one of the greatest sculptors in the world. At literature the comedian, actor and poet Higemon, the sophist and rhetor Stisimbrotus and eventually Androsthenes who follwed Alexanr the Great at his campaign writing "Indic Paraplous" book.

The most important city of the island still form the ancient times was Thasos (Limenas). It is on the north part of the island and it is surrounded by verdurous hills and mountains. Velvet beaches and numerous monuments decorate it. It is perfect for walks and hikes at the narrow paths with the dozens of small shops that hide the most unbelievable articles and works of art. Beautiful are also the small ouzo taverns with the unique sea recipes. The trade markets are enough to cover the needs of the visitors and the permanent visitors. Thasos Island has lived a great epoch that left it a big archaeological legacy and it is appropriate for the history lovers. The most appropriate place to start is the old port in front of the museum. This walk will remain unforgettable. Then you go to the ancient port that was settled over the ancient thalassic roads and the Ancient Market. This place is full of interesting monuments such as the northwest and the southwest stoas, the big Altar, Glafko's Tomb, the Marble Prow, the building with the Lobby, the Temple of Agoraios Deus, The old-Christian Cathedral at the Market, the medieval fortress, Theegenes Temple, the Romaic District, the Exedra, the Odeum, the Diode of the Theoroi, Artemision, Donysion, Posideion, the Gate to the Goddess with the Chariot, the Gate of Hermes and the Charites, the open port and numerous other places.

Every beach is an apocalypse. Thasos is all over spread by leeward voes where you can find organized beaches and solitary coasts that will make you feel bewitchingly. Makryammos, Pachys, Glyfada, papalimani, Nysteri, Chrysi Ammoudia at Skala Panagias, Chrysi Akti at Scala Potamias, Koinira, Paradeisos, Thimonia, Alyki that is considered as the "pool" of the island. Pefkari, Akti Limenarion, Atspas, Akti Kallirachis, Akti Sotiros and Akti Alsylliou are only a few of the marvelous beaches you will meet.

One of the things that distinguish in Thasos Island is the good food. Fresh fish and sea food and the fish taverns and the scenic pothouses coastwise, big steak houses that offer daily grilled meat with unique recipes made by special recipes at the highlands. In the entire island there are many patisseries with tempting pastries and numerous pizzerias. Many of the restaurants have live music and the fun keeps until the morning hours. The nightlife in Thasos is well-promising and is intensive at Limenas, Limenaria and Poto. There are many places with traditional music that mainly attract the tourists. Bars and clubs are everywhere and the biggest crowds are gathered at the coastal. Another common activity in Thasos Island is the Beach Parties that are happening every night at the beaches.

Swimming at the coasts of the island is a real pleasure due to the limpidness of the waters and the beauty of the shores. Many visitors of Thasos dabble with water ski.  You can easily be supplied by craft or windsurfing equipment in all the famous beaches of the island. In "Paradeisos" beach the waves are perfect for the wind surfers and the weather conditions also plump for sailing, Jet Ski, "banana", parachute, spear fishing and diving. For the tennis lovers there are terrains, camping and big hotels.

The pictorial small shops and the big trading centers compose the multicolor market of this island. Every where you can also find venders and you can buy everything.

Palmary are the famous handmade textiles that combine marvelous layouts with colors, shops with ceramics and statuettes that represent events and figures from the ancient times of Thasos and gather the interest of the crowds and luxurious jewelries with excellent jewels and icons. There are also spread shops and kiosks that sell the famous and excellent "sweet nutlets", the delicious olives and the great oil of Thasos.

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