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Ikaria or Ikaros Island, as it was known since the classic period is one of the biggest islands of the Aegean Sea with a population of 6.000 citizens.

Its climate is mild while its topography presents wonderful contrasts of verdurous slopes bold and steep rocks. Many terrains of the island are covered by big bushes, especially ravines, which give the place a view of rich vegetation. The flowers start to blossom from February until March and cover the entire earth of Ikaria. Until the middle of spring, the ground of the vineyards terrace and the soil through the mountain rocks are covered with poppies and thimbleweeds. In these places you can admire the gorgeous trees with thick foliage such as Mediterranean pines, the evergreen oaks and hollies. This island has also a long tradition in production of the famous red wine of "Pramnios Oinos"

Numerous sights and monuments ha.

The beautiful Ikaria Island has also to present numerous sights and monuments.

In the Museum of Agios Kirykos you can admire many ancient troves like vessels, pillars, stone and copper tools, amphoras found at the depths of the sea and other. At Kampos Museum there are also interesting archaeological findings from the ruins of ancient Oinohi such as collections of Neolithic period's tools, vessels of all the ancient epochs, earthen statuettes tomb glyphs and ancient coins. Panagia's Monastery of the 13th century is near Christos Rachon area and has fantastic wall paintings and old icons also offering a wonderful view. Holy Abbey of Mavrianos, also at the west coast of the island, faces a sea with magnificent sunsets.

Fortune gifted the island of Ikaria with the inestimable wealth of its spas. Among the 17 greatest watering places of Greece Ikaria island is well-known for Agios Kyrikos. There are 8 hot springs that gush at certain places of the island. At Xilosourti's area there is a spring called "Athanato Nero" ("The Eternal Water"). Its spring water helps to the abortion of the uroliths and the gravel from the reins and the cyst. In general, the waters of the thermometallic springs of Ikaria Island are regarded as curatively appropriate for affections such as hypoxia and rheumatisms, arthritis, neuralgia, gynecological illness and many other health problems.

Ikaria Island is generally described by its wild beauty, the thick vegetation, the tall mountains, the lakes, the gulches and of especially the wonderful beaches. Endless sandy beaches excite the wonder and capture the visitor. Southwards we find the picturesque beaches of Prioni, Lefkada, Xilosyrtis, Pharos, Drakano, Kerame and Therma while at the north we meet Fyte, Fles, Kyparissi, Kampos-Oinohi and Karavostami and at Rachoi area Gialiskari, Mesachti, Livadi and Nas.

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