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The historical island of Psara belongs to Chios prefecture and count 422 citizens. The only settlement of this island has amphitheatrically built around the storied port and its architecture combines the Aegean tradition resulting to a scene of beautiful bi-level and snow-white houses with pictorial tile-roofs.

From the first moment the visitor will notice the uniqueness of this place. The marvelous scenes combined to the hospitable citizens and straight descendants of the 1821 Greek Revolution's Heroes give the impression that you are in the heart of Greece.

During your staying you will have the chance to see the houses of Konstantinos Kanaris, the famous captain of the fire ship and the Monastery of Koimisi tis Theotokou, of the 17th century, a period of great economic wealth of Psara Island. At its library rare manuscripts and hieratic books printed in Venetia and Moscow are kept.

Psara Island has historically been as one of the first places raised against the Turkish yoke and its contribution at the combat was remarkable and heroes such as The powerful navy and the captains of the fire ships were considered as grues for the Turkish and heroes of the Revolutions such as Konstantinos Kanaris, Dimitris Papanikolis, Konstantinos Nikodimos, Nikolaos Apostolis and Ioannis Varvakis were put in history as great captains of fire ships that delivered major hits at the Turkish fleet. Unfortunately, the bravery of these men was eventually suffered by the civilians. In 1824 The Turkish attacked the island with 140 ships and 14.000 janissaries and in this unequal combat they wan ending to the destroying of the island, to its total blister and to the slaughter of its citizens.

The remaining population managed to escape with Konstantinos Kanaris and end up to Evoia from where they followed their fight for liberty.

Except of the great history the island also impresses for the plenty natural beauties and especially for its wonderful beaches of all kinds which can satisfy the all preferences such as big sandy beaches, shingle coasts, sheltered strands and leeward small ports.

One of the closest to the city is Katsouni beach which gathers the majority of the touristic activities and crowds. It is a sandy beach with shallow waters where every summer a Beavh Volley Tournament is organized. At the end of this beach is Agia Kyriaki bay and soithwards the settlement, between Mavri Rachi and Agios Nicalaos chersonese we find one of the most magnificent beaches of the island, the sandy and with shallow waters one of Lazareta.

One of the biggest is Lakka. At its westwards and at close distance there are the skerries of Nisopula and Ai Nikolaki. Then, a small peninsula separates Lakka from Archontiki beach which combines the sand with the shingle haveng 100m nearly Daskaleio islet.

The island is also famous of its fresh fish and lobsters which you can find in all taverns. You also should taste the local milk cheese. "kopanisti" an other type of cheese and certainly the islands famous thyme-honey.

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