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The charming island of Skiathos combines the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the scenic – verdurous landscapes. The capital city is settled at the southeastward terrain and is famous for the intensive nightlife, the numerous bars, clubs, the picturesque or modern places for food concluding to the fact that the island pulses of youth and beauty.

Skiathos had the honor to accentuate some of the most important academics of the Greek and the world history. Among them we find Alexandros Papadiamantis, Alexandros Morahitidis, Georgios Rhigas, Epifaneios Stefanos Dimitriadis and Dionysios Vasileiou.

Architecturally the rythms of Skiathos do not dispose the typical  insular character while they create a complex view of insular and Pilioreitiko village with some neoclassical elements that are filtered inside the temperament and the temporal needs of its citizens. The bi-level rocky and small houses are built close to each other and the main impainting material of the curtains is the slush. The houses are separated into two categories: The farmer houses and the mansions. The town planning is Aegean and at the most a result of fortuity rather than a researched road construction and we meet narrow paths, most of them tracked by lack and textural of stone tiles.

On the most important sights of the island are: the Kastro, the Fonissas Cave, the house of the top litterateur Alexandros Papadiamantis and the Monastery of Panagia I Evaggelistria.

Skiathos Island is also known for the more than 60 coast that adorn it.

Starting from the city we meet many beaches with beautiful sand and limpid waters. Megali Ammos, Vasilias, Achladies and Tzaneria voe. Continiusly we find Vromolimno, Platanias and Troulos. All of them with blue flag and many supplies for the visitors.

The road is follwing to Koukounaries area were we find the most beautiful beach of the island and one of the world known with its golden sand that shines under the sun and that is every year one the top-ten in relative gallop polls. Here you will find an endless variety of water sports, diggings made of wood in a really sublime combination of the blue, the golden and the green. Koukounaria area has also luxurious hotels, peaceful cafeterias, rooms to let, taverns and snack bars, maneges and diving schools. This paradisiacal place has officially been nominated as "Protected Biotope". There you can also find Strofilia Lake and you can have wonderful walks at its perimeter.

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