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Skopelos id the capital city and the biggest in the Sporades group, also the commercially most important for its famous local wine.

IT is described of its bushy forests and the blue sea and for that reason at 5th of July in 1997 it was officially nominated as the Green and Blue Island from the International Biopolitic Organization.

These two colors actually dominate in the island. It is characteristic that its biggest territory is covered by a virgin pine forest and you will surely enjoy the walks through its narrow paths and the visits to the Byzantine ad historical monuments of the island and the pirate tombs at Sentoukia area. The mountains with the numerous springs and the pines, the scenic voes, the marvelous beaches and the unique landscapes consist of some more jewels.

The traditional architecture and the road construction of Skopelos city excite the interest not only of the tourists but also the artists, painters, photographers and particular researchers. Here you will discover 120 Byzantine churches, the remains of the Venetian Castle of the 13th century and the peaceful small plazas with the Aegean background.

At the north inside a close breast is built the beautiful small Skopelos state with the constrained houses that surround the Castle and descent to the port. Among the houses are numerous tabernacles. Narrow tiled uphill alleys are occasionally interrupted by half-paces and footboards that girdle the neighborhoods, huge edelweisses hug verandas and fresh-limed walls that enclosure tiny backyards while the sable windows of the past gently give their place to other, more vivid colors.

You worth ascending from Pigadaki area to the Castle and from there descending to the port admiring the wonderful view. An also great route is the climb up from Panagitsa tou Pyrgou Church to the end of the port at the Castle were wonderful churches, picturesque roads and rough rocks are outstared and the Aegean is opening beautiful and imposing in front of you.

In Skopelos you will have the chance to find some of the most beautiful Aegean beaches. You will have the chance to swim at the marvelous lonesome coasts of Milia, Andrines, Kastani, Chovolo, Limnonari, Stafylos and Velanio. In Panormo swimming under the twilight is an unforgettable experience as it gives you the sense that you swim inside a river with golden waters while the sun sets on the depths of the skyline.

During your staying don't forget to try some of the traditional sweets such as "chamalia" and "rozedes" based on almond kernel, marmalades, must, molasses, must-jelly and "ritselia". Marvelous also are some local recipes such as twist cheese-pies, blackfish casserole, meat with quince, rice with shells and barnacles and octopus with greens.

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