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Skyros is a beautiful island of the Aegean Sea with intensive Greek color, marvelous beaches, hospitable citizens and an age-long history. A 4 km long tombolo joins its southwest with the northeast terrain that, according to a theory, once were a couple of separate islands.

Skyros' ground, fauna and flora is very similar to Evoia Island. Its north part is thick and verdant while its south part is bushy and appropriate for rangeland and there you can find the runty horses of the 1 m height that live in semi-wild condition. It is about the last and most rear relicts of the famous Picermic race of the ponies that you can find only in Skyros and Shetland islands of England. Today there are still 200 horses that have to be protected in order to avoid extinction. This race was known since the ancient times as they are illustrated on some glyphs of the panathinaean Popm and the Marathon.

The capital city is Chora, at the north terrain with the snow white houses amphitheatrically built all over the hill and with the imposing Castle carved on the rock, undoubtedly one of the most impressive places in the island.

Centrally, Chora is crossed by Megali Strata from where all the tiled spiral cobbled roads start ending to the Square of the Eternal Poetry where the statue of Roupert Brooks towers, a man who spent his last days in Skyros and whose tomb is at the southwards of the island.

At Chora, the visitor has the chance to admire the wonderful view at Agios Georgios Church and to visit the Historic Museum and the Folklore "Manou Faltaits" Museum were you can see the representation of the traditional house of Skyros. Another wealth of Skyros is the folk art, a tradition of centuries. Also are the wood carving, the architecture, the ceramics, the weaving, the painting and the broidery. Perfect pieces of Skyros art is its houses with the woodcut chests and the low salons with the rich decoration, the big efficiency and the entire places woodcut.

All the villages preserve their traditional character and their natural beauty inviting the visitor to meet them better.

The citizens, most of them farmers and stockmen are genial, cheerful and euphonious keeping faithfully the customs and the traditions until today. The tourism is continuously growing howbeit the way of life remains calm and hospitable and the celebrations and the weddings keep their picturesque.

The visitor of Skyros is sure that will be satisfied. The numerous small and big hotels, the fish taverns with the local snacks, the nice walks and the peaceful or crowded beaches is sure that will impress Skyros Island unforgettably in your memory.

The main characteristic of Skyros is the uniquely beautiful beaches with the limpid waters, the golden sand and the endless longitude, a sight that always amazes the visitor. Each one with its own singular beauty: Kyra panagia, pefko, Gyrismata, Acherounes and Agios Fokas are only a few of them.

Also imposing is "Kochyla" mountain at the rocky south part of the island while you should surely visit Treis Boukes, the picturesque natural port surrounded by Plato and Sarakino crannogs.

Leaving Skyros Island, don't forget to by some of the most famous traditional Skyros sweets while you can find oversupply of splendid restaurants and taverns where you will taste the local cuisine. As for your night life Skyros Island will surely surprise you as it has many wonderful bars with the music covering all taste and that will keep the fun until morning.

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