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While Agistri is a small island of the Saronic bay it is adorned with many beauties like deep blue, cool and limpid waters, numerous attractive voes with sand or shingle and one bushy verdurous stone pines weld that forests all the island and grants its' sweet smell through the beaches.

Whereas it forgoes a hairbreadth from the capital, Agistri is stated far from uproar, the strain and the littering. Additionally, all its' villages hold their traditions and offer the visitor whatever he needs for his holiday comfort as there exists a huge number of hotels, lodgings, closets and rooms approachable at every charge presenting restful and fetching hospitality. Super markets, commercial stores, bakeries, banks, phone service, pharmacies and hospitals contribute in the leisure and modern residence of the visitors of the island. The beaches clean tailored give the ability of good swimming and dewiness and the bushy pine-clad forest will allure every guest for escapements.

As for your entertainment, the summer cinemas, the water sports and every kind of music purlieu await you for spree all night long.

Enjoy the hospitality of the citizens and the calmness of the landscape. Sit by the waterside with the snow-white shingles and the crystal-clear waters and listen to the wave sound. The sea wind is blended with the warm scent of the pine. On the limpid sands and the secret voes the peacefulness and the home life master. From the morning the sea with its games, the delightful saunters under the fragrant umbrella pines' shadow and until the midnight hours with the night life at the modern discos, the lidos, the gastronomic relishes at the restaurants, the taverns and the ouzo inns will grant you with unforgettable and dreamlike vacations.

Skala with her immense sandy beaches is a clearly touristic settlement that provides comfort hospitality at spotless hotels, lodgings and closets while gustativeness snacks and foods for all taste abide stand to pleasure the most demanding customer. Music choices for all times at the clubs or the coffee bars come complement the perfect touristic system.

Westward of Skala is Skliri, the new founded touristic location with modern hotels and restaurants while at the westernmost foot of the island and through a dreamy route within pines and a deep blue, scenic bay with inspissate shingles and crystal waters awaits you at the enchanting Chalikiada.

Between Megalochori and Scala, high at the sidelong you'll find the freshest place of the island where dominates, like it supervises all around the events, Metochi where the scene and the walk to the Tabernacle of Panagia really worth and rewards even the most trying

As for all those who will savor the genuine isular snacks, the family tavern in Parnassos expects you drowned by the pine trees. The islands' capital was from its premier years the base of operations and the mark of outfit for ships. Deep blue and crystal-clear waters between natural voes create sandy terrains for the bathers, picturesque tiled alleys, traditional coffeehouses, decrepit figures with local raiments and the singular windmill contribute with their existence to the living history of this place.

Houses made of rock, white stone walls, tile roofs, homemade stoves and neat courtyards blend with supermodern hotel units. Far beyond Megalochori, at the piney wood the Tabernacle of Agioi Pantes (Hallowmass) lies there, at the passage of time and invites the visitor to meet the roots of this island in kantouni, the old village eith the remains of the premier settlement of Agistri. Leaving megalochori and western you'll be at a majestic scene that combines in absolute balance the pines' verdant with the deep blue of the water. Trees that grow old in the sea and almost hug the sea and the sails at the old jetty testify the hundreds of years they live there.

The most recently turnpike road net that leads to the islands' westernmost there that the signs read "Dragonera". Except the solitary canteen existing everything here is untouched by the hand of man. Crystal clear waters, natural sand beaches, pines that reach the sea is only one side of the wealth ungrudgingly offered by Nature.

And the roads continues southern, rising and shelving arriving at a glade, an oasisĀ  full with history for the eldest and a visual charm for the visitors. Here is Polemi with the old Agia Varvara Church that was honored to be hallowed by St. Nektarios and after the declivity reveals the Limenaria village. Here you will admire pines, big cypresses, warts, crofts, stone houses, the old school, the big church of Agia Kyriaki and the picturesque Marizas' small port, just a small piece of the charm and the beauty that displayed. At the scenic villages' tavern you can relish savorous Greek flavors and of course the traditional braized chanticleer. Following the road westward Limenaria we reach at an exotic outlook with pines hugging the most beauteous and adorable verdurous beach of the island, Aponisos. The unique color palette wafts you to exotic places offering a unique quietness and calm. The tavern there can also proffer you delicious titbits by the sea.

Perfect for all the ages is also Skalas beach. sandy, shallow and limpid groups the crowd.

The arrive central beach in Megalochori by the seaside road between Skala and Megalochori, before the port while westward thee is Drasezes and Ksekofti. Tha Small and the Great Dragonera, Aponisos and Marisa are mainly offered for those that request serene.

Northwards the Aponisos lake there the lonely coasts of Magiza and Bariama, southward there is Kiafa.

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