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Amorgos is an island of a particular natural beauty. It is a seductive island that will lead you to the path of romanticism, sensuality and happiness. An island so unique that it creates the sense that you are in a different civilization, awaking inside you every happy memory and every sweet and tender emotion. It stands on the east part of the Cyclades Islands and it is 136 nautical miles from Pireus. It covers an area of 121 sq. km. and has approximately 1.500 inhabitants.

Hora is the capital of the island and it is built in the interior of the island. It is filled with paved streets, arches, alleys and rocky steps. When you are in Hora we suggest that you visit the venetian castle, the medieval Tower of Gavras, which today houses the archaeological museum, the monastery of Hozoviotissas and the old mansions.

Amorgos has two beautiful and safe ports, the port of Aegiali and the one of Katapola. The port of Aegiali has a heavy tourist action, showing at the same time all the characteristics of a traditional Greek fishing harbor. Aegiali is famous for the unique landscapes of rare beauty and the golden beaches its visitors are offered, as well as the several ancient monuments and the wonderful little churches. It is quite a charismatic place that once looked upon, it makes every visitor feel a deep connection.

Katapola is the main port of the island and it is 5 km from Hora. It offers nice beaches and an intense night life. What will draw your attention, though, is the acropolis of the ancient Minoa, which is on top of the Moudoulia hill, offering a panoramic and impressive view of the Katapola bay and the blue Aegean sea. It is also very important that you visit the hydromancy, the church of Panagia Katapoliani and the remains of the temple of Pithios Apollonas (Apollo).

If you still haven't visited Amorgos you have surely missed unparalleled experiences. The only danger is that when you'll be there, the island's secretive charm combined with its seductive nature will transform you into its eternal fan and incurable lover...

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