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"Poros has something from Venetia:

the canal,

the communication among houses with boats,

the luxury,

the indolence.

It is a sensational temptation,

The place for distinguished international lovers"

G. Seferis

Majestic is the scene that is presented on the pass of Poros surrounded by pines, olives, oranges and lemons. The beauty of this place impressed and was lauded by top literature figures, poets and artists. Among them, the nobelist Giorgos Seferis, Kosmas Politis, Kostis Palamas, Ioulia Dragoumi and the American author Henry Miller.

Poros is the island of serene, charm and leisure. It is verdurous of pine trees that reach its' steepest shores and its' sandier beaches. The habitants, like all islanders are ingenuous, decent and hospitable.

The houses at the beach are big neoclassical contrasting the simple bi-level ones at Brinia, Milos, Pounda and Kasteli. These first residences where built in 1463 at the area around Roloi. Monumental are Deimezis building constructed of slaty and sanguine rock and Vila Galini of the 1892 that by the time guest big personalities of the Art and Literature.

At the center of the city lies the town hall, the Arcaeological Museum, the Public Library and the Exhibitive and Cultural Hall. Near the coast is the summer cinema while exiting the city we see Progimnastirio, the imposing first Othonas' residence where today is the enlistment and post-training to the Navy is operated.

At Korizis' square we meet the Archaeological Museum of Poros were are exposed troves of the Mycenaean until the Romanian era from Poseidonas' Temple, Ancient Troizina, the Royal Tombs of Magoula, Apatheia, Modi and St Konstantinos of Methana. You can also admire the luxurious wall paintings in the Cathedral sanctuary of Agios Georgios created by Parthenis, the famous sculptor.

Crossing through Soinikismos settlement and following the spiral, pine-clad course we approach to the lovely Tabernacle of Panagia Tis Agias Zonis abreast to a gulch with pines and flowing water. And nearest the Cloister of Zohodochos Pigi of the 18th century built on a verdurous slope with vision to the sea, an excellent piece of insular monasterial architecture. It combines the serenity with the picturesqueness. At the entrance you will see the famous of its' sanative quality Spa from which the abbey took its' name. The temple is of the Cupola Basilica architectural rhythm and in the interior you will find impressive the woodcut temple made in Kappadokia of Mikra Asia at the 17th century and the Episcopal throne.

Heading to Troizina we find the vaulty of the Mycenaean era Royal Tombs of Magoula and the ruins of ancient Troizina, homeland of mythical hero Theseus.

Diabologefiro is one more place you should visit. It is a beautiful, bosky gulch, full of rosebays and perennial platans while at its backdrop defluents from the mountains a small rivulet sectionally spawning small lakes through giant rocks. Lemonodasos is full of lemons, with many water fields and watermills and panoramic view. More than 30.000 lemons and oranges and studded taverns make this place ideal for romantic walks.

Between the scenic back alleys and the full of edelweisses, white-limy houses of Poros you will find many inns and along the wharf numerous cafeterias, restaurants, tourist shops, bars and clubs with Greek and foreign music.

Poros also presents a big number of beaches, the majority of them longwise the south, verdurous coastline.

Kanali a beach with pretty beautiful sand and fine taverns onto the wave with attractive view to the open sea, Askeli one more lovely shore with bars, restaurants and taverns all around. Monastiri is a peaceful, organized sand with limpid waters next to a pine clad forest at the hill where the abbey (monastiri) is built. The area is offered for water sports and spear fishing. The Sandy and pebble Vagonia beach and the north of the island id offered for halcyon vacation and every sort of fishing. Here you will find the sunken city engulfed under the bed where still descry the paved paths and the bases of ancient habitats. Limanaki tis Agapis (Small Port of Love) is a romantic beach where you can delight the vert and the aquamarine swimming under pines.

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