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The historical island of Salamina is the biggest in Argosaronikos bay whilst the proximate to Attica. It is the fatherland of the Homeric Ajax and the great tragedian Euripides, a locus for residence and creaturehood for the poet Aggelos Sikelianos and a place of hospitality to the 1821 Greek revolutions' hero Georgios Karaiskakis. Salamina is also well-known to the worldwide history for the greatest sea fight of the Eons eventuated at the islands' pass at 480 B.C. gained by the Greeks and establishing thereby the perseverance and growth of the Greek civilization afterwards spread to the Occident and the whole world.

According to the mythology the island was named by Kychreas thusly honoring his mother Salamina, sister of Aigina, one of the fifty daughters of the river god Asopos. At the ancient times the island was also named as Pityousa, Skiras and Kychreia as also Koulouri coming form the "Kolouris akra" cape where the ancient city and port where settled.

Koulouri is the islands capital city and counts 23.000 citizens. Once was picturesque with many small houses and folklorist neighborhoods, today is modern and aesthetic city.

Many beautiful sights call up the visitor to discover in the port. Many of the Archaic and other of the ulterior period whereof the most significant are:

The couple of windmills at the Lofos of Mylos (Windmills' Hill), buildings of the 19thcentury.

Iera Moni tis Faneromenis developed by Osios Lavrentios (St. Laurence) who discovered the icon of Noefaneisis Panagia.

The house of the great Greek poet Aggelos Sikelianos at the Faneromenis' beach where he lived and created for a long period.

The Open Theater of Euripides of the 3.000 sits found on 1993 and where you can find the great tragedians' bust.

The Holy Fanes of Agios Minas and Agios Demetreus where you can find masterpieces of the great modern Greek colorist Polychronis Lembesis and the famous sculptor Giannoulis Chalepas.

The vault of the chieftain hero Georgios Karaiskakis whose bones are kept at Agios Demetrius' church reconstructed at 1996.

The Folklorist History and Art Museum, the Public Library and the luxurious "Dimitris Bogris" Exhibit Hall at the Guildhall.

Euripides' cavern.

Salamina hardly could omit to dispose wonderful beaches. The finest are in Resti, Iliakti, Aianteio, Perani, Kiriza withal the others in Maroudi, Peristeria, Kolones, Satirli, Piriakoni and Kanakiani.

At Salaminas townshipis also hosted the islands' Philharmonic offering the audiophiles the chance to freely affiliate, at the Euripides' Theatre are take place various festivals and at Dimitris Bogris Hall many shows all over the year. Cultural tone is also given by the numerous unions and movements, the printed issues, the musical, choral and dancing groups and the auto and moto clubs.

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