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Anafi is one of the most attractive islands of the Cycladic group as it still achieves to preserve its natural beauty. The golden beaches, the dry clime and the verdurous waters indicate this island unique for all those who desire peaceful holidays, spotless nature and a simple way of life near hospitable denizens.

Anafi has only one village, called Chora and it is stated over the ruins of the Venetian castle, with snow-white vaulted houses and stone catwalks similar to those at Anafiotika near Acropolis of Athens. In the island there are also two settlements populated at the summer months: the Ormos Agiou Nikolaou where the port is stated and the Kleisidi settlements.

One of the most remarkable spots in the island is Kalamos mountain, 460 m. tall, that, in French sightseer's Tournefort book as one of the most spectacular universally. At its crown you will find the Panagias Kalamiotissas abbey that took this name from the pieta found knotted on a reed (kalami means reed). The citizen's unction is high something proved from the fact that 80 churches adorn the island.

Another historical sight also in Anafi is Apollo's Temple stated at the foothills of Kalamos mountain and the Zodohos Pigi holy abbey near the precinct.

Big archaeological interest shows the ancient city at Kasteli, where you will admire walls, ancient remains, tombs and many acephalous sculptures and Katelimatsa where was stated the old port.

In Anafi you will find many folklorist taverns and also intensive night life. Worth tasting the marvelous thyme honey, the gustative caprine cheese, the "petrobarbouna" (fish) and the fine "astakomakaronada" (lobster pasta).

A good chance for lark is watching the celebrations in the island such as Holy Mothers, September's 8, where excellent food and wine, cheerfulness and fun rule.

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