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Andros is the northernmost and second at expansion Cycladic island. A place that blends the dry Cycladic view with the bosky and the flush waters presenting thereby big geographical contrasts whereunto warrants its especial beauty. Αndros's beaches are limpid because of the development of the island. When northeastern winds blow you can enjoy the most leeward beaches at the west side of the island. But there are not only the beaches that attract the visitor. Andros indicates also many beautiful villages and settlements with the picturesqueness of the Cycladic scene.

In Andros you have many choices for pastime, excursions, swimming and surfing, sight-seeing and look-in such as the Archaeological Museum, the Goulandris Modern Art Museum, at cultural exhibits while there are places for all those who are seeking the quality in eating, relaxation and taste.

Chora, the metropolis of Andros is stated at the west side of the island, constructed over a peninsula and abuts at an islet where you will find a gothic castle.

At the Palia Poli (Old City) stays the imposing brassbound statue of the "Afanis Naftis tis Androu" (The Uncelebrated Sailor of Andros) just as you will admire the ancient ceramic findings collected in the area of the Mycenaean times and inhabitation tracks of the Geometric period. Important troves there are: the "Kori tis Kopenhagis" (Daughter of Copenhagen), the Kouros (young man's statue) and the Group of Pegasus and Velerefontis dated from the 8th century B.C. At the slopes out of the towns walls lays its burialground. From the remains, the numerous piece finds and the record resources is concluded that the town had theater, thermaes, sanctums and fanes.

At the northwesterly coast you will sightsee Pisolimnionas, Limanani, Vlichada and Pirgos and northwards you will find Mikri (little) and Megali (great) Prespa, northern and eastern the marvelous Zorkou beach with its wild harshly beauty, ideal for swimming as long as for spearfishing.

At the east coast you will reach Vitaly beach, this picturesque voe with the limpid waters, the wide sand, the tavern and the rivulet alighting until there. Following the rivers watercourse at your right you will see small grotto's with brilliant versicolored stalactite, while thereupon the twin beach of Ateni and Lefka village await you.

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