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Capital of beautiful Kimolos is the village Chorio and just 1 km. from the port the picturesque settlement of Psathi lies around the Castle

Untouchable by the time, Kimolos constitutes a unique destination for all those who travel to admire the Greek countryside, its citizens and their modus vivendi. The representative limy houses with their blue windows, the courts, the stone walls and the tiled alleys represent pukka pieces of the Aegean architecture.

Kimolos is also offered for lovely walkabouts at the countryside. He visitor has the opportunity to enjoy the landscape crossing through traditional cobbled roads and to admire the fathomless terraces once traced by the swains to take advantage every cultivable terrestrial span.

Characteristic also pieces of that age are been comprised by the numerous lithic threshing floors just as the "katoikies", small constructions hollowed on the rock where the cultivators sojourned during the campestral era.

The island places a huge volume of churches and country churches (more than 80 most of them built between the 16th and the 18th century. Numerous churches grace Chorio while other assort the walker on the mountains, the hills and wolds of the island.

At Chorio, earmarks the island's cathedral, the Temple of Panagia Odigitria (Leader Holy Mother) Whose picture was created at the 15th century. Inside the venetian Castle, at the centre of Chorio, worth visiting the premier church in the island, the Church of Nativity, built in 1952, whilst singularly impressive is Agios Ioannis Chrisostomos Church. Both are marked by the Ministry of culture as "monuments of grea6t historical value.

You should also go about the narrow uphill slip-roads of Chorio that is inbuilt and out built inside and round the Venetian Castle. On its three doors shine the blazons of that era.

Singularly picturesque is the settlement of Ghoupa, where the trawlermen keep their wherries in hollowed caverns. Definitely Kimolos is a bliss provided for you to discover.

For the summer visitor, the lacey, sun-bathed beaches introduce countless natural attractions, balancing the skerry with the fine gravel and the delicate shingle. Their spottiness lends them a palmary charm. Aliki, Bonatsa, Kalamitsi, Agios Georgios, Livadaki, Klima, Rema and Psathi are the most well known while just as much interesting are Soufi, Monastiria, Athinia and Kastro.

But except for the sun and the sea there are more reasons for somebody to visit this nook of Cyclades no matter epoch. Kimolos appoints unthinkable mutation of rocks that model versicolor and impressive formations lengthwise the coast, also inside the islands. The area places unique flora and fauna and many species appeared are endemic and also really rare. To kinds of snakes, the "Macrovipera sveitzerii" adder and the "Podarcis milensis" lizard harbor only in Kimolos, Poliaogos and Milos islands in whole the planet whilst in the deep blue waters swims the Mediterranean seal "Monachus monachus". For all of the above Kimolos is placed among the «Ecologically Most Significant European Areas" of the "NATURA 2000" network.

The visitor of Kimolos deserves to seek and taste the island's sapors like "Ladenia", "Ksino" and the Kimolian "manouri" (kinds of cheese) as also the fine and high quality thyme honey.

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