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A place minor, greatened only by the sunlight, the blue and its sublime, untrodden scarps. Sikinos is just a blur of pulv or saltiness. Inhabited since the Mycenaean era, it oughts its name to Sikinos, so of Thoas, mythical king of Limnos. The island was also named "Oinohi from its numerous vineyard (Oinos:wine).

The bizarre city is arrayed by its lithic palaces, "dolly" homes, dry walls, spans drowning edelweisses and weather clocks at its top, while the citizens are hospitable and junketeer. Summer visitors should also to get along to the celebrations on the first fortnight in August, of Zohodochos Pigi, at Eisodia of Theotokos and at Panagias Pandanassas day with the traditional fiestas gallanted by goat baked in the oven stew away with pinecone.

The excursion fascinates the visitor, starting from the small port in Ano Pronoia. This leeward voe feasts fishing boats and wherries heading to Foleganndros, Agios Nikolaos, Dialiskari and Agios Ioannis. From the port we come by the mansions, the best examples of the traditional Cycladic architecture and then to Pandanassa-Timios Stavros Church eastward the slated plaza. It was founded at 1787, has a woodcut, gilt temple of fine art and fabulous post-Byzantine icons of the Cretan touch. According to the legend  the miraculous icon left Crete, passed all over the Aegean sea and reached Sikinos with it's vigil light warm.

Our exploration goes on at the Zohodochos Pigi monastery. It is built on the edge of a rock at a marvelous location and gives the impress of a castle as it is surrounded by wall. It was used as the citizens' refuge for the piratical invasions. Unique monument and a real brede of the Cycladic islands is the Episcopate. There are preserved the most significant pieces of the ancient inhabitation, also at the northwestern islands side where Ions located when constructing in Sikinos. Excavations unmasked relics of church schema structure considered as Pithios Apollo's temple, further concerned as a war memorial built at the ancient burial grounds' field on third century B.C. On the 5th century B.C. it was turned to a Christian church and today is dedicated to the Assumption.

Interest introduce and the hoary settlements. South of the Episcopate, in Agia Marina with the pictorial tabernacle are rescued the remains of constructions, parts of wall, marmoreal sculptures and vessel shells. Wild is the areas'nature but worth's your visit because it presents an excellent view. Unforgettable will also be a jaunt by rowboat to Mavri Spilia (Black Cave), northwestward, the biggest of all in the island.

Excellent bathe you will relish at the silken sands of Agios Georgios with its' grit and the deep blue waters, the same in Agios Panteleimonas, a beach approachable with boat.

Any visitor who owns a boat can tour around the island and find a quiet niche with limpid waters at the small desolate skerries.

During your staying in the island you should surely taste fresh fish and all the other seafood or the bouillabaisse. Marvelous stewed food you'll also find in the taverns such as coney stuffed with potatoes or garbanzo in the oven, each one traditional recipes, local cheese, sour milk, "pasteli", and of course the mellow Sikinos wine, the thyme honey, the warts and olive oil.

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