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It is a typical Cycladic island with a sandy coastline and mostly mountainous in the internal area. It could be named as the island of youth, but at the same time it offers a holiday to visitors of every age and financial status, since it has the appropriate structure and many interesting sights, able to cover every demand. Scenic bays adorn the coasts of the island with the 365 churches, the olive groves, the grapevines and the wonderful lucent atmosphere.

The tourist infrastructure of the island is quite good, since each year many visitors come to the island. Ios is also called Nios by the locals. The capital or Hora is built at the place where the ancient town used to stand. It constitutes an insular capital with whitewashed houses spread along the top of the hillside, decorated by bell towers and blue cupolas while the windmills and the narrow alleys manage to maintain its picturesque setting. The old settlement is considered preservable thus reassuring the effort to remain simple and scenic, without any intervention.

Even though during the last decades Ios had a "bad" reputation and gathered many tourists that took part in drinking marathons, today things are quite different. The tourism in Ios regained its quality and the young visitors are more restrained, giving accent to fun and not to their personal conflicts.

Therefore Ios with the endless golden beaches was re-discovered by Greek and foreign tourists and became the ideal destination for couples but also for family vacations.

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