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The isle of Irakleia belongs to the Small Cycladic group at it's a heaven of peacefulness for the visitors who seek restful holidays.

The settlements of the island are constituted by the capital city, Panagia and the smaller of Saint George.

The traveller has plenty of sights to visit such as:

Agios Ioannis cave. It is the biggest in Cyclades, with lush stalactite caparison that comprehends the "Cavemilk" (a seldom stalactite material in aqueous state). This cave also offers a prestigious vision to the sea.

According to the tradition, at the end of the 19th century a shepherd was laying down under a bush to shelter from the rain. When he returned at the village the people saw St' John's visage stomped on his shirt. They asked the shepherd to take them to the place he had laid down and when they arrived they found St' John the Forerunner's icon and from this fact the cave took his name. There is another version that says that the shepherd was losing everyday his billy goat that appeared only at the returning of the spread in the evening. One day he followed it and he saw it entering the cave and when he came in he saw St. John's icon.

The castle at Livadi: There you will find ruins of a castle of the Hellenistic period (323-316 B.C.) and also the remains of Zeus Temple and the Goddess's of Fortune temple. Until 1930 there was a settlement over there.

Merichas moorage, surrounded by escarpments 100 m. tall at whose gaps birds find natural nests.

Papas Mountain where you can admire the view all of the islands nearby and also to observe rear bird spieces.

At Irakleia you will find beautiful beaches with shallow, limpid waters. These sands are described as "meek" because the isle is surrounded by the Great Cycladic islands that function as "bulwarks" to the incoming stormy winds. Sandy beaches you' ll find at Livadi, Agios Georgios, Voreini Spilia and Alimia and pebble beaches at Karvounolakos and Ammoudi.

Homemade and traditional flavors you will taste in Irakleia.

The wonderful thyme honey has an excellent quality and unique sapor, the cheeses made of caprine milk by local graziers like "Anthotiro" and "Xinomizithra", pea puree, fresh fish and relishable meat.

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