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Koufonisia is a paradisiacal insular group comprised of two islands: The Pano Koufonisi with the 300 peasant citizens and the Kato Koufonisi.

The islands nature and the environment are Cycladic par excellance. Its upper crown is Profitis Ilias (100 m.). The small settlement is built up at the southeastern side.The shores model beautiful voes with small sandbanks. The excavations unmasked important findings of the Cycladic civilization from the toms at the Epano Milos area as also from the Hellenistic and the Romanian era.

One of the well known features of this island is its sandy beaches with the sea green waters that proffer unique peacefulness to their visitor. The most popular are in Charokopos and Platia Pounda but the island's best seaboard is in Pori, 4km away from the village. If you request privacy, the solitary coasts at Kato Koufonisi island are the most suitable.

The traveller has also to visit the churches of Panagia, Agios Nikolaos and Agios Georgios and, of course the seaborne caves and the two "karnagia".

Remarkable also are the festival and the commemorative happenings.

At 23 of April is feted Agios Georgios (St. George), the patron saint of the island. During the saint's day his icon is gadded round the village while sloops convoy the ceremony by the sea and course ("patatato") is offered by the exalter.

The fifteenth of August Panagia (Holy Mother) is feted at her tabernacle at Kato Koufonisi. After the liturgy food is offered to everyone and then an interesting sloop endeavor is acted out and then another fiesta starts.

A modern festival is the "Fisher Fiesta" at 24th of June where the captains cook bouillabaisses that serve for free to all the people gathered in the wharf. A Wassail follows with traditional music instruments and dances.

Don't forget to taste of fresh fishes and lobsters, indigenous ibex, sour cream cheese and "pasteli".

Every one has visit these islands remarks that they are impossible to forget. Koufonisia that started to ride high in tourism the last decade owe their name to their big antres that the pirates sighted considering that these island where hollow (Koufio-nisia-Koufo-nisia: Hollow-islands). The citizens, warm and hospitable will make a hit with you from the first moment.

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