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The small and leeward Schoinousa island resides at the Naxos borough. It has sweet and cool climate, without boisterous alterations, that many times gives the percept that the epoch remains aestival the whole year. Islands' port is Mirsini famous as one of the best craft harbors of the Aegean sea.

One of the eldest designations of the island was Echoinousa and Panidia. Its' natural beauties make Schoinousa differ from all the other Small Cyclades islands. Its' fifteen beaches, with the azure waters, each so much different from the other, can satisfy the gusto even of the most trying visitor. The villages' location with the panoramic view gives the traveller the chance to sight all the islands and islets around. For those who love scuba diving and water sports Schoinousas' waters are perfect.

At the earlier eras the island was invaded by pirates so the citizens built the village at the barrows firstly to earn more visibility by the sea and secondly to appoint the suddenness hard for the intruders.

There are two beautiful churches in the island. The church of Panagia and the church of Evaggelistria. Archaeological findings at the terrestrial and inner spaces of Schoinousa such as statuettes, marble pillars crackleware and Byzantine temples evince the premier existence of cultural and of other human activities in the island.

Besides, in Schoinousa you'll find "Maniatis cavern" exactly over the port near its' beach. There's a smashing myth about the pirate from Mani (Maniatis means the liver from Mani) who arrived in Schoinousa picking "Panagia I Agathi" church for his job. At the time he mugged he saw Panagias' (Holy Mothers') icon and he thought that she was monitoring him so he got up steam, and he shot the icon with his gun. Taking his loot and whipping off the road he slipped and felt next to this cave and died. Then his body was burned by the habitants and the antre blackened. They say that the rocks are still black as tar.

The quiet livers deal with husbandry, fishing and tourism while there are many lodgings, excellent organized restaurants, coffee bars and halls with live folk music. The visitor of Schoinousa can relish the leads of the contemporaneous evolvement, the traditional cheer, the especial cultural scenes and of course the majestic Small Cycladic natural environment with its' limpid and safe beaches.

The denizens also chalk up with the traditional musical activities. There is abundance of first-class musicians and vocalists while the cultural union appoints of remarkable that participate at the islands' traditional commemorative fiestas. The main are: Panagias on the fifteenth of August that is celebrated with a festival with food, wine and music lasting many days and Panagias Evaggelistrias at 25th of March.

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