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Nisyros is a lava sculpture made from its unique active volcano in the east Aegean Sea, curved by pumice stone and red rust, the same material used for building its houses, holy temples and castles. Nisyros presents natural beauties and strong scenic alterations. Steep coasts and verdurous slopes are interrupted by marvelous beaches. Chochlakoi with the big black shingles under black andesite rocks offer a special experience, especially after sunrise while near Paloi you will find some of the most impressive beaches, the one of Aspri Ammos with the fine glass-like sand and the other of Lyon.

The natural environment of Nisyros is described by the rich and of great variety for such a small place flora and fauna. It is the unique "green" volcano of the Aegean sea with so many trees (oaks, olives, sycamores, almond trees and more) while more than 30 species of wild and endemic birds have been recorded.

The active volcano and the thermaes is the attraction and the main reason of paying a visit to Nisyros.

Here you will walk and have a nice time at the narrow passes of the settlements, under shady streets, among white-plastered walls with small, north oriented windows. You will let your self to the charm of the shapes and colors of the traditional architecture of the blue, the brown and the green on the doors, the windows and the singular wooden verandas.

Have a stop at Ilikiomeni, the big square with the tall trees and drink "soumada" the local juice, an essence of bitter almonds.

Visit the small taverns inside the alleys and taste the local cuisine, the "pitthia" (garbanzo balls) and "tyri tis tyrias", a cheese mixed with red wine or have a dinner at the maritime taverns at Paloi where you will find tasty fish and good wine. Dance by the Greek Dodecanese rythms, have fun at one of the fiestas (Panagia Spiliani, Panagia Kyra) operated at the abbeys and the open squares of the villages with plenty of food, drink, singing and dance, enjoy the folklorist tradition of the island that will bring you back to history, at the rrots of human.

The best view to the volcano you will enjoy at the old coffeehouse at Emporeio's square and of course don't forget to visit Nikeion Square, the so called Porta, with the elliptical shape that has been rewarded as one of the best in Europe.

Unique and unforgettable experiences you will get at one of the most beautiful volcanos, especially at Ramos, Lofos and Kratiras Tou Stefanou area and swimming at the old settlement of Avlaki where you will feel the spas springing inside the sea.

At the picturesque Nisyros Island especial spiritual significance has the worhip to Panagia (Holy Mary). Panagia Spiliani's abbey is celebrating from 6 to 15 of August with a grand fiesta while the Enniamera is a fiesta that is kept fadeless for more than 100 years.

The abbey hosts women from Nisyros and of other islands, married or single that ask for Holy Mother's help when they need it.

During these days each woman is obligated to make 300 daily rues in front of Her icon, on her knees, chanting the Threnody of Megalochari and woodnotes. All the island is fasting and preparing. At the day of Her celebration after the ceremony and the consecrating of the wheat a procession is formed that descents slowly and grandly the stares. The icon is been wandered to Mandraki and ends at Zisimopouleio Theatre over the central square where meal is offered to everybody. In the evening the "Koupa Tis Panagias" dance begins. The first girl of the dance is holding o cup while she dances. Anybody entering the dance throws money to the cup that go to the abbey and the island.

Famous also is the celebration for Panagia Kyra at the abbey between Emporeio and Nikeio. At the abbeys courtyard, under semicircular arches huge tables are set up with plenty of food and drink while musicians play all the time and dance and singing follows in this happy and great fiesta for the Assumption.

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