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The sunlit island of Patmos is the northern island of the Dodecanese. It is imposing and at the same time, a place of great spiritual importance for the Orthodox and for all the Christians in the world.

Its scene combines beautiful, arid hills and small green valleys with a lacy coastline and numerous scenic bays and ports.

Many beautiful sights invite the visitor for his visit.

The most important is surely the Holy Cave of the Apocalypse. In order to reach to its court the visitor has to descent 43 steps. The passing through its door is a passage into another, Divine Dimension. The whole scene that this place presents is solemn. The twilight, the huge, lacerate rock and the traces of the presence of St Jonh seem to stand still in the time when the Presence of God sanctified this Holy place.

The Cave was renovated by Osios Christodoulos when he came in Patmos Island. Today, the palmer can see the place where the Apocalypse was written, the place where the St lied, the huge rock that was split and from where God prescribed the Apocalypse, the spot where the St rested his head and the concavity on the rock from that he caught to lift.

For the needs of the religionists' worship the south part of the Cave has been transformed to a Temple. In 1995 1900 years were completed since the writing of the Apocalypse.

Ioannis Theologos Abbey is a mark of reference not only for Patmos Island but for all the Orthodox faith generally. It is built in such a place and that way that seems to have the entire island under its protection.

Externally it seems like a stronghold as it was given big emphasis to its security. That's the reason why it has only two Portals. The windows are small with iron benches. Over the two portals there is the so called "killer" a type of upper circle that allowed the defenders to spill scalding oil in order to forbid the approach to the Abbey.

Its internal has a loose architecture; still the cells are built around the catholic according to the Byzantine architecture.

The first picture that the visitor sees is this of the graveled court. In he middle there is a stone construction with a huge urn in it that contains the sanctification. All around the court there are four of the ten oratories of the Abbey. In its catholic, at the north side there is a temple that deeply impresses as it has been made by 12 sculptors in 1820. Inside the catholic there are also icons and wall-paintings of unique beauty and value. A reproduction of an icon of the Apocalypse of 1626 covers the entrance to the vestry. Here is kept a huge part of the Abbey's heirloom. The creation of the vestry starts by Osios Christodoulos who left in his valuable icons. Inestimable icons with the one of St Nicolas of the 11th century distinguishing. Weavings embodied with gold, donations by rich citizens of Patmos. The vestry is a place that the visitor has surely to see. At the special showrooms each can see the relics of saints like St Stefan, St Jacob the Persian, St Pantelehimon and of others. Another important fact of the Abbey is its Library. It contains scripts and writings such as the establishing golden bull that Alexios the 1st was giving Patmos Island to Osios Christodoulos in 1088.

Leaving the spiritual places and seeking for a beach we will meet many beautiful and scenic in the entire coastline of the island. Each one has something different to offer.

Kampos is the well-organized beach of great beauty, modern equipped with umbrellas and deck chairs where you can participate in many water sports such as surf and volley ball. The most beautiful beach of the island is undoubtedly Psili Ammos. The atmosphere is exotic and the giant weaves and the golden beach bring in mind scenes of tropical places. The area keeps its wild beauty and except for the pictorial small tavern with the tables on the sand and the cuisine with exclusively traditional recipes there is no other human interruption. Agriolivado is one of the well-organized beaches where all the comforts are provided while it is long enough with thrifts that offer their shade to the bathers and a tavern and the cafeteria that are opened everyday.

Lampi beach is at the northwards of Patmos Island. Its multicolor shingles are famous and greatly prized. Once were many and were used for painting and souvenirs. Melohi beach is near Skala area. Due to its short distance from the center it is an easy choice for your bath and food. Next to the beach there is the camping of the island.

Agroikos beach has an individual character. It is a combination of port and beach. All around spreads a tourist settlement of hotels, rooms for rent and restaurants. The beach also provides comforts such as canoe, deck chairs and umbrellas.

In patmos island don't forget to taste the traditional cheese-pie and the sweets called "pougia", to buy beautiful textiles with local shapes. Of interesting folklore and decorative value are also the handmade jewels.

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