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The beautiful and historical Tilos is the island of numbers. 19 beaches await for your discover, 12 mountains with natural flowing springs offer their spectacular vies, 7 Mediaval castles will impress you by getting you back to other times, a Byzantine monastery and 200 churches will give you the island's spiritual feeling, 1 cave with many excavations is opening its rocky breast for a wonderful dive in prehistory, a village cultural-monument will guest you, more than 100 bird species and hundreds wild species of flora will pleasurably surprise you and almost 500 citizens will welcome you friendly in their big company.

At spring, autumn and winter Tilos reminds of an artistic canvas with its intense colors of the wild flowers and the herbs dotted on the mountains and the coasts. At summer these colors give their place to the verdant and golden tones of nature. The wild chamomile and the smell of thyme and sage bring to your mind the Greek myth that explains the naming of the island. According to it, Tilos, the youngest son of the god Apollo and Alia collected herbs from this island hoping they would heal his mother from a serious disease. After her healing Tilos returned to the island and expressing his gratitude he built a Temple to Apollo, so the island took his name and from then it became famous for the curative quality of its herbs.

Tilos Island welcomes its visitors every season with the lively nature colors, its wonderful sights, the living history, the sounds, the tastes and the essences.

With more than 100 bird species Tilos is offered to all those who love them and like their observance. A walk through its shaped paths will reward the nature lovers at the places where small churches keeping their frescos exist, whirly sycamore and olive shafts rise often and seem to hide secrets of the past while the medieval castles at the tops of the higher hills charm the visitor who chases an exploration grounded to history. Your hikes will be accompanied by the smells of thyme, chamomile and sage. The wild mountains rise prepared to salute everybody who likes the saunter to their upland terrains while at the warm summer days their place on your trip will earn the sound of he waves, the view to the deep blue Aegean Sea and the crystal-clear waters.

Our travelogue to this attractive island begins at Limenas ton Livadion. Livadia village bosoms calmly the coast next to the port while surveying at the eastwards rise the mountains of Turkey inside the sea and the matinal fishers. At the top of the mountain over the village towers the 600 years old Castle of Agiosykia and while the sun slowly rises, the various colors of the mountains charm with their growing beauty as they contrast the colors of the traditional architecture of the village. At the surrounding hills you can see the dotted white, quadric small houses and the recently built lodgings with the explicit view to the bay.

Numerous small taverns over the beach or spread around the village are offered to supply your trophic needs. Traditional Greek foods and drinks satisfy every preference and taste.

At your visit in Tilos you should surely visit one of these places:

Megalo Chorio village. There you will see the Necropolis, Tilos Museum with the troves from Charkadio Cave and the remains of Castle.

The Knights' Castle at the top of the hill, over Megalo Chorio built at the post-Byzantine period, an imposing whereas ruined monument. Your ascension will start from the specially shaped path, at the top of which the spectacular view will fascinate you.

Charkadio Cave has many interesting archaeological findings, also the ancient and the Byzantine burial ground that remain at the same place from the ancient times and that is full of epigraphs and tomb plaques.

Tilos has wonderful beaches. At the scenic and famous for its rocks Agios Antonios beach, with the fishermen' port hosted, you will enjoy fantastic resort moments while the hotels, the restaurants and the cafeterias delight even the most demanding customers. A few kms next to it you will find the marvelous beach of Plaka and Eristos with the golden sand. The beauty of the sea excites and gives the desire for swimming, sunbath diving, sand games or walks trough the coast. There you can taste fresh fish from the fishers that cook right after they bring it out of the sea. Except Eristos beach, the halcyon shingle beach of Lethra will fascinate you as though the Stavros beach.

The cooking traditions of Tilos await you containing unique tastes all over the island. These foods are more special due to the use of local products and ingredients for their production. At the offshore villages the taverns offer fresh fish in a huge variety depending on the season.

Many are also the local products. Potatoes, tomatoes, melons and watermelons, grapes, olives, almonds and honey are only some of the fine quality products of this island. The woodcut elephants comprise of a beautiful souvenir straightly affiliated with the island's history while you can find many other mementos at the similar shops.

The nightlife in Tilos is intense during all the touristic period and it is placed at the cafe/bars of Eristos, Livadia and Megalo Chorio.

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