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The magnificent Chalki Island represents of the perfect place for peaceful holidays. The wonderful scenes, the beautiful mansions around the picturesque small port, the fish-boats, the 400 hospitable citizens and the peacefulness that this place renders appoint the island as the "Serene Princess" of the Dodecanese.

This island has also officially nominated as ęThe Island of the Global Vernal Friendship" by the Greek Ministry of Youth in 1983.

Chalki Island, which is considered as one of the "last pharoses of tradition", has probably taken its name by the copper mines existed at the ancient times. According to mythology, the Titans where it's first habitants while the Pelasgians had lived for a long period, leaving behind many of their civilization monuments.

A walk at the capital city of Emporeio reveals its lordly attraction that displays the pieces of the previous and the today's acme of the island while you worth to walk to its alleys and reach the central road where the bust of Alexandros Diakos, a salient citizen of Chalki and a ranker officer fallen for freedom and democracy of the Dodecanese Group at the 2nd world war.

At Chalki's ort you can also admire the 3 windmills at the mountain, St. Nicolas campanile, the patron sanit of the island and the impressive clock-tower in front of the city hall building

In Chalki island you can also discover the approximately 360 country chapels and the remains of the Venetian Castle at which's foothills lays the ancient capital city of Chorio.

The island has also wonderful crystal-clear, sandy and shingle beaches with a natural beauty that bosoms the visitor. At the sandy beach of Pontamos you can swim in limpid waters and you can taste traditional recipes at the close tavern and the canteen. The small voe of Trachia moorage is also model for holidays, the same at Agia Thecla bay with the crystal-clear waters. You should also visit the sandy beach of Arieta and the shingle one of Votdaloti with the brilliant opalescences and the perfect temperature.

The picturesque island of Chalki has also many magnificent sights to see. The most important is the Venetian Castle, bulit over the ruins of the ancient Acropolis. Among the blazons is still saved the one belonging to the Great Magistre D' Aubusson (1476-1530) who erected the castle after a destroying Venetian invasion to the island. Then comes the Church of St Nicolas, the Monastery of Stavros, the Monastery of Archangel Michael and the chapel of Ag. Ioannis. Of much interest are also the half-ruined Monastery of Agios Zacharias at Foiniki and the ruins of the Apollo's Temple at Pefkia.

You should not leave this beautiful island without having tasted its traditional recipes.

Particularly tasteful is the oven lamb at the Easter, stuffed with rice and liver and cooked in traditional wooden oven and the salted whitebaits, the lentil with rice and onion, the "koulia" (handmade shell-shaped pasta) the "xerotigana" (brown-fried pastry with sugar) and the delicious hand-kneaded doughnuts.

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