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Ithaki is one of the most beautiful Aegean islands and with huge historical importance, tradition and numerous interesting monuments.

"Odysseus Island" is a symbol of nostalgia due to its age-long history and the fame that attracts hundreds of visitors who seek for a peaceful and beautiful place for their holidays.

Ithaki Island presents a mild mediterranean climate as in the summer the days are warm and the nights are lovely cool, the winter is clement and with the snow rearly visiting this mountainous island with the characteristic landscape alterations. Its thick vegetation, the deep blue Ionian waters, the traditional settlements and the archaeological monuments recall memories of the past and invite the visitor to discover.

Loizos Cavern was one of the worship centrals of the proto-Greek civilization over the ruins of an ancient city, Odysseus ┬ust with the famous recordation "Efxein Odyssehi" impressed on it and the Koimisis tis Theotokou Churchm the ornament of Anogi village built on the 12th century with the wonderful wall paintings and the Venetian style campanile are only a few of the sights a traveler will meet.

At the same place there are scattered megaliths called "Menir", created by the great artist Araclis". The one that distinguishes is the giant monolith a few meters near the houses of the village and with height of 9 meters.

Kioni is a traditional village of the Eptanese, with a picturesque port where many yachts wharf at summer and that is a previous harbor and base of operations fro the pirates. The entrance to the mill is adorned by three windmills.

At the right side of the port is sill saved a part of the stone house of the Greece's national hero Georgios Karaiskakis until the Greek Revolution of 1821.

Ithaki, the capital city of the island consists of one more interesting sight as it keeps the old Eptanese structural rhythm and has been nominated in 1982 as "Traditional Settlement" with its natural and of splendid ábeauty bay that bosoms the islet of Lazareo.

At the Grot of the Nymphs, "Marmarospilia" you will wonder the two entrances, one fro the Gods and one for the Mortals, according to mythology, with the imposing stalactites where, according to Homer, Odysseus hide the gifts of Alkinoos, king of Faiakes.

From Perachori village a path leads to the desolated medieval Palaiochora area where you find churches with marvelous Byzantine wall paintings and at the top of Aetos hill you can see the Ancient Acropolis that has been named "Odysseus Palace" by the locals.

The Holy Temple of the Sheer is a worship and mark of reference for the everywhere on earth Ithaki's humans, built in a beautiful corner of the southeast top of the Homeric Nhiritos Mountain. The life in this monastery stars in 1696 but the histry of Holy Mary's icon is elder, according to Pater Theodosios. The name Kathara (Sheer) comes from the Greek word that in the local idiom refers to the dry branches and the small bushes that are cut and burn in order to bushwhack a place. Due to the fact that the holy icon of "Genesio tis Theotokou" was found inside these burning braches and bushes (kithara) the icon was also named as "Kathariotissa"

The holy Cathedral Temple of the Entrance of was built in 1800. There you shall be impressed by the wonderful, in the round, wooden temple of the post-Byzantine Art of 1793 and the imposing steeple of 1820.

Far from the internal journeys, the real discovery in Ithaki Island is its top Ionian beaches. These are consisted of smooth white shingles and look like limpid lakes where the trees reach to the sea creating a unique scene of natural beauty.

Dexa is a small beach with deep blue waters that is described by the blue flag. Here there are sufficient health facilities, a well-trained lifeguard on duty, canteen, telephone, printed information and instructions for the beach and the surrounding fauna and flora. At right side of the entrance of Vathy's port there is the beautiful beach of Loutsa, under the Venetian canons, while Schoinos at the end of the homonymous bay is a real challenge for the visitor that decides to spend his day enjoying the limpid waters.

Gidaki beach, southern of the one of Faliatro has photographically traveled all over the world and figures as one of the best and most wonderful beaches of Greece. At the same side is the lovely beach of Filiatros that gathers locals and tourists offering water sports, insouciance peace and pleasure.

At the west side of the island is the wonderful and limpid sandy beach of Aspros Gialos that combines the green color of Nhiritos Mountain with the blue of the sea. At Stavros beach there is the Polis beach with the leeward small port and mooring for the many fish-boats of the area. At the bottom of the sea you can see the remains of the Ancient City and at the north side of the port there is the previously mentioned Homeric Loizos Cavern. Here you can relax under the shade and with the coolness of the high-tall poplars and crossing a dreamy area with tropical flora you will reach to the wonderful sea of Afaloi, a beautiful place with marvelous shingles and rocky coasts that reveal two more lonely beaches for those who seek peace in their vacation. These beaches with the beautiful shingles and sand is the best one can ask for due to the wonderful deep-blue waters and the high-tall steeps that over their shade and appoint these beaches as the most-frequented, especially during August while the picturesque Roboti beach is one more relaxing offshore spot where big eucalyptuses near the sea offer their shadow and their freshness.

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