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The historic and beautiful island of kefallonia is considered to have been nominated by the mythical king Kefalos while other aspects mention that due to the fact that it is the biggest of the Ionian islands representing of its "head"( kefali) it was named such and other say that the comes from the ancient nation of Kefallinoi.

Great people of spirit and history have been accentuated by this ground, such as Andreas Laskaratos, Athanasios Fokas and Georgiow Alisandratos.

The wealth of the fauna and the flora is unique with the scene at the highlands to be formed by the coniferous trees, the firewood, and the turfs while at the lowlands the vineyards and the olives growing grant the island with its most important agricultural products. Many are the rare species that find refuge in Kefallonia Island while the Monachus Monachus seal resorts at the solitary coasts and at its sands the Caretta caretta tortoise stores its eggs.

The marvelous city of Argostoli waits for you discovery. The museums, the planted roads, the squares, the aesthetic palaces, the abundance of buildings, the Philharmonic and the theatres comprise it as a well-organized state.

Lixouri stands far from the mountainous masses of the rest of Kefallonia. The anaglyph ground presents a laps, creates smooth hills and wide plains, it rifts breezy coasts and scenic creeks. Wherever you stand the horizon is free and the visual field is boundless. The citizens are peculiar, cheerful and sparky with an ascent in literature and the arts.

Maybe in no one else of the islands of Greece are gathered so many singular, impressive and wonderful pieces of nature. Maybe only in Kefallonia the visitor is sure that in every moment of his exploration he will discover a marvelous scene, a pictorial coast and a village that will excite his surprise and wonder. A place like that is Poros. A picturesque scene combined of mountains, canyons and remarkable beaches at the southeast edge of Kefallonia Island that captures the sympathy of the visitor. It represents of one of the main ports of the island, a waterfront hamlet, an exquisite pictorial scene into a unique combination of the colors of nature of the green and the blue that ensures perfect restful, peaceful and sportful holidays.

Poros is a beautiful scenic village with 1.500 citizens harmonically built at the offshore welts of Pachni and Atros mountains and a lacy coast rich of sandy beaches and leeward small ports of 2 km length. The limpidness and the lucidity of the sea offer a phantasmagoric vision of the variety of its bottom's colors. The area is also famous as a fishery while the Monachus monachus water seal and the Caretta caretta tortoise have been detected.

Your stay in Poros will be unforgettable as it combines every kind of tastes and interests such as beautiful hikes, visits at the sights of the place and beautiful routes inside the verdurous scene. You will learn about the customs of the citizens and you will have the chance to taste traditional products, tasty delicacies and the famous wine of Kefallonia. At the evening you can also enjoy the rest and the fun at the cafeterias , the bars and the discos by the sea.

Samis municipality is the 2nd biggest port with a pictorial jetty, beautiful squares, clean roads and uniform buildings that impress form the first moment. It is also an area of interesting geological phenomena as here have been recorded 17 areas with caves and cave-gulfs of much interest for the prehistory of the area. Today two caves are open for the public: Limnospilaio and Spilaio. Into a circular lake that part of the sub waters of Argostoli springs sweet water that ends on the sea. The round area is also famous of its caves, gulfs and underwater caves such as Agia Eleousa, Agalaki, Agioi Theodoroi and Zervati.

The remains of the ancient city in Palaiokastro and the remains of the Romaic building with the mosaics present traces of the cyclopean, polygonal stonework. Panagia ton Troulon Monastery of the 15th century towers above the barrow to the smaragdine beach of Antisami and surveys Ithaki Island and the Patraic bay. It is a scene with the verdurous of rare firs mass of Ainos Mountain at the backdrops.Melissani is a lake and a gulf of fantastic view. The cave with the lake was discovered when its roof shattered and after hundreds of years the sunrays entered reflecting on the rocks and the blue-green waters of the lake giving them impressive colors. In the lake have been found ancient vessels and statuettes and the legend is relating this lake to the Nymph Melissanthi who was drown when god Panas denied her love.

Kefallonia has also many beautiful beaches with shingle or sand and turquoise waters, surrounded by imposing rocks.

At the southwest side of kefallonia, near Argostoli there are the beaches of makrys Gialos and Platis Gyalos. At the opposite, near Lixouri, there are Lepeda, Megas Lakkos and Xi beaxhes where you can coat with mud from the rocks that has curative virtues. At the west side of the island there is the famous beach of petanoi.

At the south side of Kefallonia you can swim at the beaches of Spartia, Lourdata, Mounta and Skala. If you go by the east side of the island recommended are the beaches of Antisamos, Karavomylos and Agia Efimia. At the south point there are Foki, Emplisi, Asou and Myrtos beach, one of the best in Greece.

The tastefull cuisine of kefallonia Island is mainly Mediterranean with common ingredients such as vegetables, fish and olive oil and local recipes such as "Aliada" a kind of fluid garlic sauce that is pour over stew, "tsigaridia", a mix of greens and aromatic essences cooked in the casserole and of course the mince pie.

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