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The intensive flora that describes the island of Ereikousa is only met at the continental places. Except the marvelous and limpid sea green Ionian waters in this island the green shades rules and flushes everything through the sea and the beaches are studded with beautiful lilies due to the high percentage of rainfalls and the wealthy water funds of the area.

Beginning our exploration in Ereikousa Island we meet the verdurous of cypresses, lings, myrtle, rosemaries and other trees offshore hill line. The island is limpid and company to our walks are the birds and the whisper of the leaves while the manifold herbs are the aromatic fellow travelers. At the backdrops of the scene are shown the tile roofs of multicolored houses that give a pleasant tone to the entire sight while walking on the roads we admire the kitchen gardens and the orchards in every houses, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, marrows, potatoes and various other vegetables, grapes, peaches, pears, apples, lemons and pooranges that appear in every garden.

In Porto you can marvel the remains of the old windmill at the top of a small hill while at its backside are the Churches of Agios Nikolaos and Agia Triada with the famous rock-sculptured campanile, a real work of art.

The coasts of the island are, at their majority, smooth creating voes. The most beautiful are Fyki and Porto, the leeward small port with the most attractive and well-organized beach and the verdant with trees at Bragini.

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