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Mathraki is the smallest of the Diapontia islands of Kerkyra's Group. A small mountain divides its two parts to the one of Apano Panta southwards and the other of Kato Panta northwards. The scene ois marvelous with individual characteristic the intensive flora and the wonderful sandy beaches while the view of the surrounding sea with the islands, the islets and the coast of Kerkyra at the opposite coast of Kerkyra is one of the most scenic in Greece. The rocks, the coasts and the sandy eats coast have inspired legends, narrations and a great love to the water element to the denizens.

Here you should surely try the path to the settlement of Beniatika upwards of the port where you can survey the view and taste your coffee or food from the balconies of the taverns that are actually built inside the wonderful flora of the landscape.

Through traditional stone paths you will visit the settlements of Giorga and Ano Panta with the picturesque architecture, for swimming you will visit Fyki, the curvaceous bay that extends inside a verdurous scene and at the opposite of Fyki you will see Trachia islet, one km from the coast.

The beautiful picture of Mathraki is completed by its south part where you can woder the wonderful sunset where previously was the old small port of the island.

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