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Strofades is a group of islnds at the middle of the Mediterranean constituted by Arpya and Stamfani.Strofades are also known for their beautym the rich flora and for the fact that the represent a pass for more than runway for more than a thousand of migratory birds every year. At the past these two islands were considered as the most fruitful in Greece while there were gardens with a fruit derivation that could complete the needs of the 100 monks that lived there.

Today, except the rich and wild flora that covers the entire island, there are also orchards such as oranges, lemon trees and sycamores and more than 250 species of plants and flowers with the perennial cedar creating a bushy forest.

Strofades Islands are also part of a big Water Park as in these places nest more than 1200 species of migratory birds that yearly fly to Africa and then return to rest here. Among them you can find dekaochtoura, cuckoos, sparrows, hoopoes and marlets.

Except for place for numerous species it is also the residence of the only monk that lives in this paradise.

At the past there were many monks. Among them was St. Dionysious, the today Patron Saint of the island while there are many Byzantine icons, candelabrums, weavings and sculptures like the Two-head Eagle, the symbol of the Byzantine empire at the monastery of Panagia Mitera tou Theou, built on 1200 after the wish of Princess Eirini who was saved in these islands after a wreckage.

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