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A journey in the beautiful Antikythira Island will smooth your soul as it combines the marvelous sight alterations and the untouched natural environment.

Regardless its small space, this peaceful island has to demonstrate rich archaeological and sightseeing wealth as in 1900 here was discovered the ancient wreckage where were pull up the famous coppery statue of the Ephebe of Antikythira and the Astrolabe of Antikythira, the first known processor in the world history that in these days is exhibited at the National Archaeological Museum.

In the island is also saved the entire walled city of Aigila, dated from the 4th century b.C. while a Temple of Apollo is believed to that existed in the area.

You should also visit the picturesque county churches, the windmills and, especially, "Andronikos Windmill" at Potamos Area. At the southern point of the island you will see "Faros tis Apolytaras" (Apolytara's Pharos") and Kamarela, a unique cluster of the rocks and water and also Ksiropotamos and Chalara, two perfect swimming areas.

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