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The tour in the beautiful island of Evoia begins at its verdurous south part, the singular for the combination of the woody and mountainous environment with the sublime coasts that surround it. Green mountains with rear wealth of flora and endemic species and unique forests where the visitors will discover that there are still natural beauties that have to be thrust forward.

During the paths for the acquaintance with the south part of Evoia Island the visitor will have the chance to admire sights of natural beauty and monuments at the areas of his route.

LIchadonisia is an area protected by the European program "NATURA 2000" while its history begins at the ages of myths, passes through the classic period and continues until the Turkish dominion.

The spas in Aidipsos are famous from the ancient times and accented it as the first tourist resort in the world. Today, joined to the city's beauties is a big attraction for many of its visitors.

The pine forest of its beauty and at the most of the cases it reaches through the sea and it spreads towards Asminio and Vasilica areas.

The platan forest of Khireas is splendid and huge extended lenghtwise Khireas River where a living monument of nature stands, the giant Geroplatanos (Old Platan) whose age overpasses the 1.500 years.

In south Evoia you can also see some of the most important monuments of the general Greek history. Some of them you will find below.

The archaeological collection of Aidipsos and the Romaic valaneia, traces of the glory that the Romans surrounded the island with. This collection is hosted at EOT's building while traces of the valaneia spread in the entire spa.

Tavros Oreon is at the courtyard of the church of Oreos and is a beautiful and big sculpture made in order to honor Dimitrios Poliorkitis and one of the many statues that adorned the shining ancient city of Oreos.

In the thalassic area of the Artemision Sea battle at 480 b.C. the Persian navy forces got to know the first serious resistance by the Greek forces and at the beginning of the past century were pull up the famous copper statues of Poseidon and Ippeas that today adorn the National Museum of Greece.

The proskynima of Osios Ioannis the Russian at the beautiful Prokopi village of Khireas in 1925 the faithful emigres from the homonymous village of Kapadokia bringing with many difficulties the shrine of their patron and thaumaturge saint. This shrine and his imposing church is daily accepting hundreds of visitors as previously happened in his homeland.

South Evoia has also beautiful beaches which are the big attractions of the island. Let us try a cruise at the south Evoia coastline sententiously stamping our impressions.

The feelings of calmness and peacefulness we get at the west coasts from Limni tou Aidipsos. The beautiful sandy beaches, the serenity of the Evoikos bay and the unique sunsets are the main characteristics of these coasts. The beautiful Limni with the insular character, Rovies with their beaches, Chronia, the picturesque outport of Ilioi and the round areas are ready to welcome their summer visitors.

Our next stop is famous Aidispsos with the diachronically miraculous spas, the cosmopolitan atmosphere, the numerous tourist facilities and the crowds of visitors. Then follow the pine-clad beaches of Artemision. The pines copiously adorn the sandy and rocky beaches that   alternate. Agriovotano, llinika, Vasilika, Akti Fragaki, Agali and Madouni beaches give an indescribable banquet of colors. The presentation of these beaches as with the whole part of south Evoia finishes with the appropriate crescendo. It is the coasts from Pili to Vlachia and Sarakiniko, a real surprise and the zenith of divine conjectural Art.

The cosmopolitan central area of Evoia island is represented by its capital city, Chalkida and the cities of Eretria, Amarynthos, Disrfis and Messapia.

Chalkida, the capital city is really beautiful and attracts everybody who passes through the old bridge of Evripos and comes to Evoia. It is a city with history and culture that s lost in the pass of the ages. The visitor of modern Evoia, except for the natural beauties will have the chance to have a taste of the history of Evoia admiring its monuments.

Kastro of Kara Mpampas is what is left from the famous fortification of the city that lasted for centuries and was destroyed at the end of the 19th century. Outside the castle there is the grave of the famous litterateur from Chalkida, Giannis Scarimpas, the so called "Barba Giannis. Under the castle there is the historic Old Bridge of Evripos, a diachronic symbol of Chalkida. From there we can wonder in all of its expansion the worldwide famous tidal phenomenon of Evripos while at the Archaeological area of Manika a few km out of the capital city there have been brought to the light troves that prove the previous existence of a big settlement of the proto-Helladic period (2900-2300 b.C..

The broader area of the centrer of Evoia is completed by the municipalities of Avlida and Anthidona, two areas with primeval consignment. Avlida is famous fro 2.500 years for the diachronic Drama of Iphigeneia that became a place of important historic episodes beyond the affinity with the Trojan War and Anthidona is an also important prehistoric trading center that was later related to the historic course of Thiva and Voiotia cities. At the areas of these important municipalities we can find numerous beautiful and cosmopolitan beaches and a variety of restaurants , fish-taverns and such places.

Many places for the good eaters are also at the areas of Avlida and Anthidona.

Tourist settlements klike Pharos, Paralia, Agios Minas, Alykes and other give the color of development with their facilities. You shoul surely visit the above monuments.

The remains of the ancient Temple  of Avlideios Artemis where during the excavations at the period 1956-1961 were brought to the light many statues and among them some of Artemis and some of Ekati, epigraphs, capitals, heavy-bottomed amphoras, statuettes, ostriches and coins that today are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Thiva.

The beaches of Eretria and Arymanthos are considerd as te most wanted in the Evoic bay while you can also taste everything at the relative places of the area. Here are gathered some of the biggest hotel units of Evoia that every year host a huge number of Greek and foreign tourists who come in Evoia in order to relish to its beauty and history.

At the museum-city of Eretria the visitor is at a continuous contact with history while he has the chance to relax enjoying the sea of the Evoic bay. Its modern port, the singular and picturesque chersonese known as "Dream Island" in conjunction with the global  tourist facilities render Eretria as the perfect resort for the holidays of Greek and foreign visitors.

At the Archaeological Museum we will have the chance to admire ancient roves form Lefkanti and Eretria of the Geometric Period, archaic sculptures form the west pediment of Daphiniforos Appolonas Temple and the only one saved Group of Thiseas and Antiopi while outside the museum are lying the remains of Ancient Eretria where the visitor will have the chance to walk through the relics of the Temples, the Gymnasiums, the palaces and the Sanctums. Eventually the central part of Evoia hardly could leave unsatisfied the lovers of the mountain and climbing and Dirfis is the #1 target with its Mountain Refuge of M. Nicolaos at the elevation of 1150 meters and ready to welcome everybody.

Many and various are the interest and pictures presenting at the last, south part Of Evoia Island.

Beginning from Avlonari, one of the most beautiful states of Evoia we should surely mention that from here is considered to be the previous position of the mythic Oichalia city, that was destroyed, according to Hercules myth. The Byzantine monuments and the many Venetian fortifications and castles are related with elegant legends whle characteristic is "Dragonoras Spring" where is previously believed that dragons, the stationary Keepers of the Water were supervising the flow of the torrent of Manikiatis.

The modern coastland of Kymi with its near offshore settlements is considered as a tourist area with beautiful beaches and many hotels while it is the homeland of Georgios Papanickolaou, the famous doctor who invented "Test Pap"

Near you can also see Karistos city that pertains the fame of the most commercial city of Evoia Island since the ancient times due to the fact that here was taking place the export of the famous green marble that adorned all the big cities of the ancient world.

Tharounia Cave was discovered in 1974 and has a rich internal decoration and here have also been discovered tracks of the flora of the Pleistocene Period.

Dimosaris canyon is one of the most famous and most discussed areas of ecological matter in Evoia Island and proteced by the European program of "NATURA 2000" that separates the south space of Ochi into a twain of mountains with the scene presenting a unique and singular natural beauty of fauna and flora. The natural legacy of "Dimosaris Canyon" and the global area has worldwide importance and for that reason the European union has place the area of Ochi at the "Special Areas of Nature's Perseverance".

The Dragon Houses of Palis Lakas are some of the most important pieces of the famous Dragon Houses of the south part of Evoia and whose ages considered before 700 b.C. At this area we may also see the Group of the three Dragon Houses with the common yard.

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