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The unique island of Thymaina is a small picturesque islet that is included at the "196 Most Important Areas for the Birds in Greece" at the European program "NATURA 2000" and it has also been nominated as an "Area of Natural Beauty". The characteristic schist and calcium rocks, the steep coasts with the numerous voes and Simaia, the topmost mountain crown with the 564 m height and the lands where many kinds of birds are reproduced like the cormorant, the hill myna and the ophidian eagle render Thymaina Island as a special Mediterranean hydro-biotope. At its coasts you will see Monachus monacus seals and pleasurable crowds of dolphins and water turtles. The vegetation allows at the aromatic plants such as thymes, throumbis and sages to abound on the schistolithic lands while present are also trees like olives, arbutuses and phidas.

The main settlement is the homonymous and then follows the one of Keramidou. The island is believed to have token its name by the numerous tufted thymes at that was first habited by citizens from Patmos as it is proved by a script of 1863 wherein there is a mention for a previous church found in Thymaina Island.

Much archaeological interest appears at the adobes and the tiles discovered during the excavation for the basis of the church in Ai Nikolaki.

Thymaina is an island that impresses by simplicity. The first thing that strikes is the houses painted at the shades of white, ocher and blue in which you detect pieces of the past architecture, especially at the roofs made of schist. The picturesque alleys with the approximately 500 whitewashed stairs attract you to walk on an island where you don't need to use any transportation.

At its central square you will find the coffee-refreshment stand where you can order fresh fish from the inshore areas around while you can supply anything you need from the two general stores of the island.

Thymaina is also a place of big religiousness, a fact proved by the numerous country churches. At the main spiritual areas of the island you will find at Ai Giorgis, Tsibes, Agios Nekarios, Agios Theologos, Agios Nicolaos and Agios Dimitrios country churches.

Apart from the spirituality of the citizens, intensive is also their contemplation to the traditional folklore elements of the abroad abandonment of the Ikarian Group something that you will meet at the celebrations St Georgios and St Nicolas at the special etiquette of the Easter. During Holy Saturday, at 10 o' clock happens the simultaneously combustion of the mass of branches with the announcement by the priest of the "Christos Anesti" (Christ Resurrected). The flame that last until the first morning hours and when it quenches then officially is signified the Holy Easter wherein its celebration are exploded many dynamites, fireworks and extemporary pyrotechnics.

At the picturesque port of Thymaina are gathered many boats and sloops while you may find places fro swimming and resort at the areas of Ai Giorgis, Keramidou and Lakkos. Analytically, the beaches you will meet are the above.

Ai Giorgis that hosts crowds of people at summer, Keramidou with its characteristic thin sand and the coolness of the almyrikia, Lakkos, this small and solitary sandy beach with the limpid and cool waters and Psili Ammos with the thin gravel and Agios Nicolaos.

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