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The picturesque Oinousses is a group of islands at Erythraias chersonese and are constituted by Oinoussa, Panagia, GaHidouronisso, Vatos, Pontikoniso, Archontonisso, Pateroniso, Pontikounido, Laimoudiko and Prasonisia islands. Every summer its emigrant citizens of island are gathered in Oinoussa Island and give it life while the permanent citizens are almost 1.000. The visitors are welcomed at the port were a coppery sea-maid and the statue of the Oinoussa's Mother distinguish.

The spiritual element is distinctive in this beautiful island. The churches are, at their majority, offerings by the navies, a fact that indicates the close contact of the citizens with the power of the sea and the religious dedication.

Among the churches, there are some that discern such as the ones of Agios Nicolaos, Agios Georgios and Zohodhochos Pigi at Panagia Island. Except for the spiritual element another interesting fact is that the citizens and the state of the island have managed to cover their cultural and civil needs by founding a series of buildings were numerous cultural activities and exhibits are guest.

The most important are: The Spiritual Center "Georgios Chr. Laimos", the Nautical Museum, the Monument of the Ignorant Navy, constructed on 1952, a foundation of Spyros Ant. Laimos, the big Stadium of Oinnouses, a foundation of Giannis, Diam. Laimos of 600 sits and the Monastery of Evaggelismos with icons and wall paintings by the top artist Fotis Kontoglou.

Numerous also beaches invite the visitor to explore them, to swim in their crystal-clear waters and enjoy the summer Sun that accompanies and twists with the twinkle of the peaceful weaves.

Walking from the wharf to the Naval Square our view is magnetized by the Statue of the Ignorant Navy with the names of all the citizens lost in sea written on it. In this square, the veteran captains with the navy helmets are talking about barques and trips in the turbulent seas and oceans. At the marina of the port are sheltered the yachts and cruisers of the shipowners and the skippers that return every summer on their homeland. Villas and captain houses are donations of memories and old vineyards under the covert of Agios Nikolaos Church in this "Island of Naval Profession" that is tending to join the land of Mikra Asia with the land of Chios Island.

The huge iron anchor of a sailboat is showing the road to the Nautical Museum of Oinousses. Passing its doorstep you enter to a magic world with steamboat models of the first half of the 20th century, water-paintings of the ship-writer and navy from Chios Aristeidis Glykas, nautical organs and signals. From the very early times, the arid ground helped aimed the citizens to the sea but the element that saved them from difficult situations is their solidarity relationships and their business awesomeness.

Double-bottomed and triplex captain houses in the shades of ocher and magenta, with tiled-roofs, crimson and verdant windows with white frames down-slope through the port, lacy verandas, limy flowerpots and periwinkles with violet Canterbury bells. At the center of the traditional settlement towers the church of Agios Nicolas, the patron saint of the navies and of this island. This church's of 1926 internal is excellently illustrated by Georgakopoulos, a student of Fotis Contoglou and are also kept the relics of Agios Nicolaos that were transeferred in 2001 from Italy.

It is a place for octopus fishing and a heaven fro spare-fishing due to the fact that Oinousses Islnad are famous fro their drained octopuses that they serve with their special way. At the ouzo tavern of the main square the octopus is served snow-white and tempting with the famous ouzo from Chios. If you are fanatic fish-eater you may ask for the trim "Fisher's Basket" that contains crabs, shrimps, crawfishes, lobster, octopus, squid, sea urchins, limpets, scallops and tigereyes by local divers. You can also request for the Oinouses special "Limpet Pilaf.

You should also visit the superpodern stadium-amphitheatre founded by Ioannis Laimos with the impressive conge inside its terrain that has geusted Domna Samiou, Lidia Koniordou and Vasilis Lekkas, all of them great Greek singers, and many other concerts and theatricals. From this area also begin the countrysides and the beaches of the island, among schoina and figs, ridges of old vineyards that recall the ancient relashioship of the citizens with the wine. Kakopetria is beautiful while Mpilali's shallow waters appoint her perfect for the kinds just like Fasoli and Apiganos sandy beach. You can continue at the villatic settlement of Kastro with Prasonisi island at the opposite and the narrow beach of Strovili at its near, only two miles from Chios island and then the calm beach of Kardamyla, Fokia and Chatzali. You may also cross the pine grove of Agios Georgios and continue to Chochlaka beach, approachable by boat, a real spare-fishing paradise. At its opposite, Lesvos Island and at the depth of the scene is Smyrni's bay at the coastline of Mikra Asia.

Crest in the Nautical Museum is surely the unique in the world ship models collection of Antonis Laimos, represented by models made by the French prisoners at the galleys of the English prisons during the Napoleon wars (1789-1816). These unbelievably detailed miniatures are made of ox bone, ivory, tusk and ebony and constituted a considerable reason for visiting Oinousses Island.

You should also visit Evaggelismos of Theotokos Abbey and admire the fantastic natural scene and the unique illustrations by Fontis Contoglou at the catholic.

You should try "keremezi", the fresh cheese with yoghurt and green salad with kritamos vegetable, marrow-patties and sand smelts with onion. You can relax at the tables of the small scenic taverns with the marvelous view at Oinousses settlement and watch the yachts coming by the port while you will taste the local fresh squid, fresh beans with garlic sauce, potato-balls and other marvelous tastes.

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