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Travel writers seem to agree that Kythnos is the least interesting of all the Cyclades islands. It extremely barren with little to relieve the eye. This means that few foreigners travel there and it is a place where you can relax away from the crowds, even in the height of summer.

Excavations have found a site dating back to the Early Neolithic or even the Mesolithic period, making it the oldest habitation yet found in the Cyclades. Much later the Ionians arrived on the island and founded the ancient city of Kythnos. The island was represented at the battle of Salamis by two ships and for their contribution the Kythians were mentioned on the base of the golden tripod at Delphi.

Kythnos became part of the Latin Duchy of the Archipelago in 1207 and was ruled by the Gazzadini family until the arrival of the Turks.

Loutra, the site of baths most probably founded in Roman times, has lost much of the air of the 19th century spa town that it became. The spa complex is still open to the public. The main town is the Chora, six kilometres from the port town of Merikas. It has an OTE office and a post office but no rooms.

Most people stay at Merikas which has plenty of rooms and tavernas and the Cava Kythnos acts as an agent of the National Bank of Greece for changing currency and also sells ferry boat tickets.

The more attractive villages are to be found to the south of the island. The 90 minute walk from Chora to Dryopida is one of the best things you can do on the island. The village is more attractive than Chora, but more attractive still is Kanala, on the south east coast of the island.

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